How It All Begun

Established in 1993 as a graphic design company with the name of Gloria. In 1995, Gloria purchase equipment Machinery film / imagesetter for the production of color separation films, for the purpose of printing, screen printing, rotogravure and fleksogravure.


In year 1997 the company expanded the business with the imagesetter engine which is much faster and larger (medium format). Name Gloria renamed Multigraph Repro ... and this is where it all began.

One leap further in the digital era

In year 2001, Multigraph install Drum Scanner & Progressive Proof machines and start in introducing the concept of ONE STOP PRESS CENTRE. In 2002, Multigraph held an extension to the human resources. Conduct trainings of human resources through the ISO 9002 certified tutor. In 2003, the expansion of the new workshop.


At The end of the year 2004, Multigraph began to develop in indoor outdoor Digital Printing with bought 5 meters printer made in Canada. In 2005 Multigraph is known as one of the most advanced digital printing service, fastest and best in its class, thanks to the knowledge of color and experience in the Prepress for nearly 15 years. Currently billboard production capacity reaches 3000m2 per day.

What we become now

In 2006, Multigraph sign contract 5 units more addition of digital printing machine. With total machine of 7 units, capacity per day nearly 10.000m2. Currently Multigraph has served scale multinational corporations, national advertising, as well as photographers, both within and outside the country.